Cesium Group | Forging Deep and Ongoing Relationships with Companies
83% of the work Cesium completed in 2020/21 was international
94% of customers chose us because of our industry knowledge and expertise

Why We Exist

The Cesium Group was born out of our founder’s desire to disrupt the outdated executive search and recruitment models, that ultimately served to commoditise attracting, retaining, and developing talent within what should be a social, people-lead, relationship-driven industry.

Our focus has always been long-term in nature and very much focused on building high performing balanced teams

Executive search businesses don’t build balanced teams –              typically searching for single-mandate – C-Level talent.

Recruitment businesses are sales-lead and search CVs for jobs      rather than understanding business challenges – typically              focusing within one skill area as opposed to an industry.

– HR teams manage multiple recruitment/search partners for           each skill area and this doesn’t translate to good employer             branding